Frequently Asked Questions

Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?
No, generally it is not painful to get adjusted and Dr. Anderson is well-versed in gentle methods for correcting the spine as well as in regular adjusting.  You can let us know if you prefer gentler methods.

Will I have to go for the rest of my life?
While some patients just come in for pain relief, most opt to follow up with a course of corrective care to make sure their problem doesn’t return in the future.  Many of our patients choose to continue with wellness care after that.  These patients continue to feel great in between adjustments.  Their interest in wellness and prevention helps ensure that once they get well, they stay well.  No one “makes them” continue to get adjusted.  They choose to take care of their spine proactively in much the same way most people take care of their teeth – with periodic check ups.

How many NAET treatments will it take to get over my allergies?
It depends on how many allergies you have.  An allergy to a particular substance can often be cleared in one visit.  If you are allergic to 20 different things it will take at least 20 visits and these can be spread out over time.

Does my insurance cover this?
It depends on the type of coverage that you have.  Many insurance companies cover chiropractic.  We handle all the billing for our patients. 
N.A.E.T. and Neurofeedback therapies are not covered under health insurance but may be reimbursable under your Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account.  Check with your employer.