We are N.A.E.T. Doctors

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.) is one of the techniques we use in our office to restore people’s health. The technique was invented by Dr. Devi Nambudripad who is a chiropractor in southern California. Dr. Nambudripad has studied both Western and Eastern medicine extensively. Many years ago, she used knowledge from both traditions to create a brand new healing modality which is very effective at eliminating allergies. Prior to her discovery, there was no way for a person to actually get over an allergy. Patients were told to either avoid the allergen completely or were given drugs to suppress their symptoms.

Now thanks to Dr. Nambudripad’s discovery and subsequent research, we can actually teach the patient’s body not to be allergic to a particular item anymore. The process involves re-educating the brain, teaching it not to perceive the item as an allergen. If the brain no longer perceives the item as a threat (an allergen), it does not instruct the body to mount an allergic “defense”.
We do this by rebalancing the body using chiropractic and procedures based on Oriental Medicine in the presence of the allergen. When the patient’s body is able to perceive the allergen in a calm balanced state and recognize that it does not need to react against it, it is able to have the same recognition of the allergen as a benign substance in the future. Because of this, no reaction occurs on subsequent exposures.

An important part of this process is the avoidance of the item being treated for 25 hours following the treatment. This allows the brain to re-set itself so that it no longer needs to react to that particular allergen.
Patients are able to permanently eliminate allergies to foods and to any environmental allergen. We have helped countless patients overcome their allergies to milk, wheat, tomatoes, corn, food coloring, food additives, yeast, beer, wine, orange juice, citrus products, chocolate and just about any food or drink known to humankind. We have also seen NAET eliminate allergies to environmental things such as dust, mold, tree pollen, grasses, flowers, ragweed, animal hair and dander, chemicals like gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, and air pollution.

In fact there isn’t much we haven’t seen eliminated with N.A.E.T., provided the patient follows through with the treatments to completion. Dr. Nambudripad has a very broad definition of allergy. Most people think of allergies in terms of something that affects your sinuses and makes you sneeze or something that affects your skin causing hives or rashes. While allergies certainly do all of these things, we have found that many other symptoms are related back to allergic responses as well. For instance, did you know that allergies can cause fatigue? They can also cause aggression, depression and anger. This is because allergies can affect us on many different levels. An allergen can affect us on the physical (structural), nutritional (physiological/biochemical), or emotional level.

You may be asking how an allergen could possibly affect a person’s emotional state. Have you ever witnessed a person getting extremely tired and cranky during ragweed season when their head is full of pressure from excess mucous? This is one simple example of how an allergen can affect us emotionally.

How do allergies work?
Isn’t it odd that a certain item can affect one person adversely but have absolutely no affect on another person? My friend may be allergic to chocolate and get a headache after eating it but chocolate does absolutely nothing to me (except make me happy).

The reason this is possible is that the food is not causing the allergy or the symptoms! It is the person’s own body that is creating the symptoms. An allergy is an inappropriate response to an item. The brain perceives the item as a threat and tells the body to react against it, creating an inappropriate immune response. N.A.E.T. turns that inappropriate response off.

Another odd thing about allergies is that different people can have different symptoms from the same allergen! For instance, five people could be allergic to chocolate and they could all have a different symptom. One person might get a headache, another might get a stomach ache, one might get a rash, another gets diarrhea, and the last one just suddenly feels very tired. How can the same allergen cause so many different symptoms?

The answer lies in the mechanism by which the body tries to “defend itself” against what it perceives to be a threat and considers an allergen. When the brain perceives an item to be an allergen it creates blockages in the meridian system in an effort to protect the body from what it perceives to be a harmful substance. These blockages create the symptoms.

The meridians are understood in Oriental Medicine to be like rivers of energy flowing through the body. They cannot be seen by the naked eye, so their existence has not yet been validated by modern medicine. The Chinese have inferred their existence based on clinical experience and used them as a basis of treatment for thousands of years. The meridians are named for the organs through which they flow.

In the example above, a person whose allergy to chocolate causes a blockage in the liver meridian gets a headache, in the stomach meridian gets a stomach ache, in the kidney meridian gets a rash, and in the large intestine meridian gets diarrhea. The person whose allergy causes blockages in many meridians at once gets the severe fatigue. The quantity of blockages determines the severity of the symptoms, but the underlying mechanism is the same. Allergies cause blockages in the meridian system and this, in turn, causes symptoms.

How does NAET work?
The brilliance of Dr. Nambudripad’s discovery is that she found a way to remove those blockages in the meridian system that are being created by an allergen. With the testing method she developed, we can determine which meridians are being blocked by a particular allergen. Then we can mechanically remove that blockage using a chiropractic technique. This involves putting pressure on certain points along the spine. Once the blockage is removed and energy is allowed to flow freely through the meridian again, the patient is no longer allergic to the item.

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Anderson is always interested in getting to the root cause of the problem, not just getting rid of symptoms. Using the N.A.E.T. treatment to remove these blockages is doing just that. By removing interference to the flow of energy through the meridians, we are removing interference to health and the body naturally brings itself back into balance once again.

Trained by Dr. Nambudripad.
Dr. Anderson has received extensive training in N.A.E.T. by Dr. Nambudripad herself. Skills are updated on an ongoing basis by attending advanced N.A.E.T. seminars and the N.A.E.T. Symposium. Dr. Anderson keeps current on all new developments and research in the emerging field of N.A.E.T.
In addition, Dr. Anderson has taught N.A.E.T. Basic and Advanced-1 seminars to other doctors at Dr. Nambudripad’s request in Europe and South America. She also speaks every year at the annual N.A.E.T. Symposium, presenting on various topics of interest to other N.A.E.T. doctors. She has been practicing N.A.E.T. in Ann Arbor since 1997.

N.A.E.T. is a vast subject.
We have only touched upon a few basic concepts here. To learn more we suggest that our patients read Dr.Nambudripad’s book, Say Goodbye to Illness. This book gives a fantastic overview of the technique, including how she discovered it, how and why it works, and many examples of problems it has helped. It is available on her website: and also in our office.