*Nutritional Consultations
  • Have you ever wondered if you need to be taking nutritional supplements?
  • Have you ever wondered if you are taking too many?
  • Are you looking for a little guidance on this topic?

We designed our Nutritional Consultation appointment just for you-- to answer these questions and any others you may have about your diet and nutrition.

For this appointment we ask that you bring all the supplements you are currently taking.  We evaluate each one to find out if you are allergic to it, determine if you really need it, and if so, how much you should be taking - both the dose and on what schedule.

We also test to find out if you need any nutrients other than the ones you currently take.  This includes any vitamins, minerals, or essential fatty acids.  We can make recommendations for high quality supplements.  The brands we recommend are food based, not derived from synthetic chemicals.  This is important because food based supplements are easier to digest and absorb.  They also contain co-factors that were in the original food.  For instance, a food based Vitamin C product which contains all the bioflavonoids found in a real orange is much more effective than a Vitamin C that was synthesized in a lab (called ascorbic acid) which does not contain all these important co-factors found in nature.  There is a huge variation in the quality of supplements available today.  We can guide you to help you make the best choices for you and your family.

We can also discuss beneficial dietary changes and choices if you wish.  We believe in using 
food first for health.  By that we mean that good food choices are the foundation of good health.  We cannot rely on supplements alone to keep us healthy.

When a patient leaves our Nutritional Consultation they are given a written summary of what we went over which includes a list of supplements with dosage and recommended schedule, a list of any allergies we found, and any dietary recommendations we discussed.

Patients can opt to do this consultation one time, or they can do follow-up consultations at what ever interval they desire.

If you think a Nutritional Consultation would be valuable for you or a member of your family you are welcome to schedule one.  You can call (
734) 973-9692 if you would like to schedule an appointment.

*Nutritional Consults are only available for preexisting patients. 

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